Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Rachel Reviews - Mrs. Wakeman vs the Antichrist

Mrs. Wakeman vs the Antichrist by Robert D. Schneck

3 out of 5 gnomes

While reading this book I was reminded, several times, of a quote from the TV Show Supernatural, Season 1: “Demons I get. People are crazy.” The stories in this book about creatures and strange events/phenomena were a lot easier to take than the stories about what my fellow humans were doing to themselves and each other. I cannot fault the author on this, though. Schneck, in his epilogue he tells who is target audience is. This book is meant for people who delight in the eccentric or those that believe they were meant to be in the Addams family.

Mrs. Wakeman Vs. the Antichrist is not for the faint of heart. There are many stories than involve grisly details of death scenes, blood retrieval methods, and bodies found. At several points I had to put the book down to keep from getting sick. I feel that this could be alleviated with a different juxtaposition of the chapters. Having one chapter that describes the terrors of night doctors followed by a story about a man who drank blood from his children made things very difficult to read. I think that having one of the lighter stories in between would have made a nice buffer.

Not all the stories have blood and gore. Many are just outright strange and intriguing. I appreciate the depths of Schneck’s research and know that it could not have been easy. The presentation of the facts and direct quotes only serves to add to the strangeness of the stories. I liked the flow of the chapters where it started out like a story, or with an excerpt from a newspaper, and then goes into the research heavy materials giving the rest of the story; the precursors, the after effects, etc. It was a nice rhythm that allows the reader to be able to go from one story to another.

Overall I would give Mrs. Wakeman Vs the Antichrist 3 gnomes out of 5. It’s definitely for a niche audience, but is still very well researched and written. I would still like to see a different arrangement of chapters and maybe have the book start with Schneck’s afterward so as to warn readers what they’re getting themselves into. Overall, though, the book is okay and I recommend it for anyone with interests in strange-but-true stories.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Happy Monday/Happy Labor Day

Hopefully everybody gets to chill out like my dog Opal here on this Monday. :)

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Top 5 Sundays - Favorite Book Couples {Part III}

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Top 5 Sundays - Favorite Book Couples {Part III} 

I love all of these couples because they all work so well together and as separate characters too.

Jaenelle and Daemon just have so many epic moments together and their chemistry is crazy.

Eleanor and Park have such an interesting relationship and you will root for them throughout this book.

Gray and Cassidy are perfect for each other. I loved seeing their relationship progress. It was great to see the lighter jewels and see this area of the world more.

Etienne and Anna are my favorite couple that Perkins has written. They just have a swoony kind of chemistry.

Annabeth and Percy have not had an easy road and I'm just crossing all my fingers and toes hoping that they don't die in the last book.

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Question of the Day - What's the most WTF book you've read lately?

This, this book was not what I was expecting and for everything except pretty much the very end I was like WTF did I just read and WTF is going on...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Weekend Read - Landline

I adore Rowell’s YA books so can’t wait to try this book and see if I love it too. It has a great premise and I'm interested in seeing where it goes.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Newest Bookish Obsession - Outlander

This show is my newest obsession, it’s just so good. I’ve always been reluctant to read the books because they are so huge and have been going on for so long. Once I saw the first episode though I knew I had to read the book. Now I plan to read along as far as the episodes go. I’ve been surprised so far by how close they stick to the book in parts like taking complete lines and using them on the show.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Favorite Quotes/Lines - Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets

Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets: An Anthology of Holmesian Tales Across Time and Space Edited by David Thomas Moore

* Provided by NetGalley for Review

“In the silence, I could dimly hear the car’s radio playing Heartbreak Hotel.”

“Holmes liked new buildings. Fresh spaces. All the spirit his own.”

“IT SEEMED TRITE, but he understood the genius loci of the place now.”

“People notice very little,” Holmes said. “And they too easily believe that which they wish to.”

“Bored? We were never bored.”

“Not married, not divorced, not a sweet young thing, not looking, not interested, in you, your brother, or your sister.”

“So sensitive. I’ll remember that.”

“Invading your privacy, one day at a time.”

“I always get my man.”